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Numbers only tell half of the story. We empower you to take control of your business and rewrite the next chapter.  

Overcoming problems and building solutions specific to you

For many, accountancy services are used to keep company finances in check. But to grow your business and start your journey to financial freedom, you need to consider more than VAT, corporation tax and pensions.

Once you manage to grow a business to £250k revenues and beyond, it can feel like you hit a wall. Every day you step back onto the hamster wheel. No clear direction and a lack of control.

Common problems include:


A poor work-life


Working long


Struggling to let
go of control


A lack of understanding of
company’s finances


Feeling like you’re winging it
and out of your depth


profit on paper,
but not in the bank


Living a nice lifestyle but can’t
afford it


Losing financial control &
feeling like a fraud


Being one bad month away from bankruptcy

This is where our Financial Freedom path comes in

At MBS Accountants, we treat you like humans, not figures on a page.

We don’t just crunch the numbers. We give you the insights, tools and knowledge to understand it for yourself so you can flourish. Our mindset and financial coaching empower you to take control of your financial destiny. We ask you the questions that help you identify your pain points and establish solutions to overcome them and reach your goals.

How are you feeling now? What do failure and success look like to you?

As a hyper-growth accountancy practice, we:

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Transform your mindset to create good financial habits
MBS Accountants - measure the results icon
Show you how to measure the results of what you do effectively
MBS Accountants - truth and hold icon
Challenge you with the truth and hold you accountable
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Empower you to hire the right people to free up your time and finally live the life you want (and need)
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Educate you financially to give you clarity on your business and the reality of your numbers
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Slow down your thinking and give you the tools to make meaningful decisions, not ones based on impulse

How your journey with MBS Accountants starts

Our Financial Freedom Path is designed to ensure you never struggle with poor cash flow or low-profit margins again. You can wave goodbye to financial uncertainty and welcome a new sense of control over your budget and future. But to ensure you choose the right path, we need to understand where you want to go first. That’s where our onboarding process comes in:

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Initial contact

The first step towards financial freedom starts with you. When you fill out your details, we’ll ask you a series of simple questions to help us build a better picture of your business.

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Discovery call

This relaxed, no-strings discovery call is an opportunity for us to assess whether our accountancy practice is a good fit for your business and its goals.

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Proposal meeting

A proposal meeting is a highly consultative session to set goals and identify what you are good at and what growing pains you’re currently experiencing.

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If you sign up, we’ll share what our expectations are and the journey we envisage to help you reach your goals. We also use this stage to set you up on our accountancy software.

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The welcome

We’ll send you a welcome pack and gifts and conduct an internal audit. We’ll analyse the numbers, help you take control and give you a % score, which you can improve over time.

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Weekly checklist

Your dedicated management accountant will send over an onboarding checklist to clarify any gaps, queries and issues every week during the onboarding.  

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Once you get to this stage, you’ll be ready to embark on your own path to financial freedom. We’ll start conducting daily and weekly bookkeeping duties.

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Full review

The final step is where the magic happens. Your business is always evolving, so it’s important to assess your goals and constantly re-evaluate where you are and what you need to progress.

Take the first step. Book a discovery call today.

If you’re ready to demystify your figures and take your first big step towards financial freedom and growth, book a discovery call with us.

What our clients say about our growth-based accountancy services

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Gay Watson

MBS Accountants - stars icon

Highly recommended. A modern approach to accounting, we always feel on top of things and it’s good to know so far in advance how much our tax bill will be, allowing time to prepare.

Marian Marshall

MBS Accountants - stars icon

The knowledge and expertise of the team at MBS is second to none. As a self employed person. I have found the MBS team to be professional and helpful at all times.

Amanda Ward

MBS Accountants - stars icon

Excellent & professional company. 100% recommendation and they’ve looked after me since day one with perfection. Brilliant company morals

Robin Waite

MBS Accountants - stars icon

Ian and his team are incredibly approachable, helpful and have done a superb job with getting my accounting house in order. I can't recommend MBS Accountants highly enough.

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